Jedes Unternehmen ist anders, jede Führungskraft hat ihre eigenen Anforderungen und Ansichten, jedes Team steht vor unterschiedlichen Herausforderungen. Gemeinsam ist den Projekten aber immer, dass wir alles tun, herausragende Ergebnisse für unsere Kunden zu erzielen.

Spür- und messbar – über Branchen, Produkte und Kontinente hinweg.

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Was unsere Kunden meinen

Ein Shape Leadership Prozess verändert Standpunkte und eröffnet neue Perspektiven. Das sehen auch die Menschen so, für die wir unsere Energie einsetzen.

What do you think about „Leadership Excellence with Measurable Results“?

„I have become a more empowering leader for my team combining their different skills and strengths to outperform as individuals and as a team while finding more time for myself and for activities where I can bring strategic added value.“
(Sigrid Willame, VP Compliance, Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals SA, Brussels)

„Very useful methodology to set concrete targets, improve step by step and continuously check accomplishments throughout the process. I can define it as one of those seldom experiences that change your mind. The approach is the perfect fit for any business leader who wants to increase his performance and the one of his teams altogether.“
(Fernando Gonzalez, Director Investments, Banco Santander)

„It was a great journey for me. The Stakeholders and Monthly Action Plans make and keep it alive and very active throughout the process. It helped me to optimize my leadership with the help of others. Before, I was just focused on results. I now learned how to become even more effective by better leading those around me.“
(Marc-Simon Schaar, SVP Business Control Europe, Outokumpu)


How does it compare to previous leadership initiatives you experienced?

„Involving stakeholders is a powerful experience and a natural driver for on-going development. The challenge about modifying certain behaviours is less in knowing what to change; it’s in the implementation of clear actions for sustainable improvement. And that’s where this process makes all the difference.“
(Antonio Olivieri, Global Medical Affairs Leader, Glaxo Smith Kline)

„Klare Struktur, konkrete Vereinbarungen und regelmäßige Fortschrittsmessung.Das systematische Stakeholder Feedback war die Basis für eine positive Veränderung meines Führungsverhaltens. Als Folge meiner eigenen Erfahrung mit dem Prozess haben wir zwei weitere Geschäftsleitungsmitglieder dafür nominiert. “
(Thomas Gottschild, CEO, MBDA Deutschland GmbH)

„360 FB gibt es überall, aber das hier war deutlich intensiver und fundierter, das hab ich so strukturiert noch nie vorher bekommen. Durch die Transparenz hat es auch die Team Performance nach oben gebracht und uns deutlich mehr zusammen geschweißt.“
(CFO, Aviation Industry)

„I had coaching in the past, but in the end it was too superficial. The coach was good but has never been able to immerse because he never really saw „what is he like with the people, what is the real feedback people have about him?“ Compared to what I learn now, previous coaching was no help. I also like that finally someone says „why don’t you do it like this or like that?“ That was triggered through the feedback process - it led to conversations and changes we never had before.“
(CPO, Global Professional Services)

Would you recommend this process to others in your organization?

Absolutely yes! I like a lot that we are able to determine things that need improvement and to monitor the improvement over time. Measuring improvement is great!
(Bart Reijnen, CEO Satair)

"It was an excellent experience for me, even transformational! It’s a very systematic, structured and actionable approach. After about 6 months, I was in a much better place, got very positive feedback from key internal stakeholders and was promoted to my next international assignment."                                                                                                                                    (Saskia Fontein, General Manager Denmark/Iceland, Glaxo Smith Kline)

Oh yes, I would definitely recommend it. It’s an excellent concept to involve stakeholders and thus move coaching from a personal experience to a development journey for the whole team. This process is more intimate, you can go deeper, and then things happen. I’ve done several leadership journeys but this one was the best.
(Laurent Martinez, SVP, Airbus Group)

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